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Photo Gallery

Dams and Sires Dams and Sires Luvly Effie 206173700 Luvly Effie 206173701 Luvly Blake 206173710 Luvly Emma and Luvly Promises 177699279 Luvly Trip and Luvly Rhett 180303694 Luvly Lacey, Luvly Emma, Luvly Lola 189765806 Luvly Samantha and Luvly Rhett 192826693 Capri 197974342 Luvly Lacey and Luvly Lola 195421562 Mellow 195694820 Luvly Jezebel 199656263 Luvly Lacey, Luvly Lola and Luvly Schnookums 198081921 Little Faith 198267156 Luvly Lola 198421419 Luvly Jezebel 200183534